Feet - Services

French Pedicure - $55 (1 hr)

Beautiful White tips on your toe nails, make your feet look refreshed, natural and beautiful.

No Chip Pedicure - $58 (75 min)

Replenishing Pedicure - $68 (75 min)

Your feet are relaxed in a therapeutic foot whirlpool and then treated to a special healing pedicure. An exfoliating scrub, followed by aromatherapy oil, prepares the feet to be sealed in a paraffin boot. Read More...

Spa Pedicure - $50 (50 min)

Relax with a wonderful neck wrap while you soak your feet. Your toe nails will be trimmed and filed , cuticles exfoliated and treated. Your feet will be wrapped in a wonderful hot towel Callouses removed. Finish with an amazing foot massage Read More...